• Lecture Session 1:
  • Entrepreneurship Development: Case studies and success stories
    - To apprise participants about entrepreneurship in India in reference to small and medium scale enterprises and government initiatives

  • Lecture Session 2:
  • Meditation and holistic development
    To enhance your ability to concentrate and relax through group of physical, mental and spiritual practices and disciplines which originated in Ancient India


  • Lecture Session 1:
  • Interaction with industry experts and managers in reference to Auto components / Auto mobiles
    - To impart the technical and managerial aspects related to industry

  • •Lecture Session 2:
  • Visit to Oerlikon Graziano manufacturing of gears
    -Practical exposure to any automotive spare parts manufacturing industry so as to align them practically with the theoretical aspects and they could be briefed on sectorial opportunities of imports and exports.


  • Lecture Session 1:
  • Alternating healing Therapies: Relevance of Ayurveda in Modern Life style
    -Ayurveda a branch of medicine which originated and is practiced in India for more than 5000 years is as fresh and useful to humans today as it was in the ancient times and it provides a holistic approach to our daily lives. Ayurvedic daily life routines are meant to enhance the total health of man, both mental and physical

  • •Lecture Session 2:
  • Brick and Mortar to Click and Order: Going Digital in India
    -Why Digital
    -Pure play vs. Omni channel businesses
    -What do investors look for in online business
    -Preparing an online business plan


  • Visit: Delhi sightseeing (India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Janpath, Connaught Place, Red fort, Humayun Tomb)
  • -To see the architecture designed during British Empire by Edwin Lutyens and residence of Mughal emperor for nearly 200 years and a number of museums


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